Live Stream Lecture + Fun Interactive Tools = Engaging Online Classrooms

We are the "Slack" built for the classroom!

ParStar shapes an online environment where students are liberated from fears of participating in class. Students are placed in an anonymous seminar where they can pose questions anonymously. Professors lead discussion by sending polls, quizzes, and questions. Built to ensure safe discussion by enforcing identity verification through education domains.

Streamline Your Classroom

Data analytics

View which students are curious about particular questions and understand the needs of your class

Cross platform

ParStar is web-based, students can access the application from any browser

Anonymous questions

Student to student anonymity increases participation

Real-time quiz & polls

Push quizzes & polls quickly with ease to get quick feedback from your students

Star Filter

Students can star relevant questions that make large class participation easy!

Lecture Stream

Teachers can stream their lecture and leverage our tools to create an engaging online experience

Understanding the problem

What do people say?

Students are often reluctant to ask or answer questions in front of their peers. They seem concerned about being wrong or judged by their classmates.
Carleton college
I hesitate to speak up in class sometimes due to my accent. I fear that my peers are making assumptions about my background if I say anything incorrectly.
Carleton college


ParStar’s simple and intuitive platform is made even easier to operate with the help of these tutorials! Do check them out.  

About Us

ParStar is made for students, by students. We experience the same problems you do, but also understand that these problems are wide-ranging. We constantly innovate based on your feedback to create the right product for you.


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